Extreme Couponer in Training

I recently decided to dive into the world of extreme couponing. What is extreme couponing? Well, I am pretty sure that there is some dictionary definition of term out there, but extreme couponing to me is “the art of collecting, organizing and redeeming coupons in a manner that will save you tons of money.” Fancy huh?

My journey into extreme couponing started after watching an episode of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.” These people are about that life. I mean the savings… OMG… the savings. Directly after one segment this strange beam of light started to shower my body, and I saw it. Yes, I saw the light. At that point, I realized that coupons were little pieces of gold sent to us by the Corporate Gods. At that moment, I knew extreme couponing was for me.

So now I consider myself an extreme couponer in training. This is my first week trying and I am learning as I go, and I decided to share this adventure with others. Hopefully, you too can see the light and enjoy the glory that is Extreme couponing.

-Happy Savings


2 Responses to “Extreme Couponer in Training”

  1. Good luck! It is fun!

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