Pay attention when comparing prices

When price comparison shopping for liquids make sure you break down the pricing to the ounce because sometimes looks can be deceiving.

. For example:

  • CVS is selling Palmolive detergent for $.99
  • Publix is also selling Palmolive detergent 2 for $4.00.

Now at first glance you would think CVS had the better deal and go there. Well… the size CVS is selling is the 10oz bottle while Publix is selling the 20oz bottle, so when you break it down:

  • CVS deal is basically $.99 per 10oz while
  • Publix is $1.00 per 10oz

See, the sales are almost exactly the same; so that extra trip to CVS may not be neccessary, unless you have extra bucks on your card.

-Happy Savings



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