Savings Recap 1/26

This was my first week of couponing. This week was a light shopping week because we were just replenishing a few things, so there was no serious damage done. However, I did make some major progress, in my opinion. Here is the following breakdown of my receipts:

Store           Orig. Cost     Amount Paid    Savings      % Saved

CVS              $21.47           $10.76         $10.71                49.88%

Publix           $42.83           $26.33       $16.50                38.52%

Walgreens $5.97             $2.37             $3.60                 60.30%

Total Saved   $70.27                               $30.81              43.85%

The best deal of the week came from Walgreens. In their weekly ad, they had a coupon where you can buy a 16oz bottle of Ajax for ::drum rolls::…….. $.79. Yes, seventy-nine CENTS. I scooped up three and spent $2.47 which turned out to be a savings of $3.60. For the first time I actually saved more than I spent. ::makes it rain with Ajax bubbles::

After I made my purchase, I just had this itch to go out and buy more, but my friend stopped me by saying “that is how problems start.” ::pouts:: The Ajax sale ends on the 29th, so go and pick up your bottle, or two, three, four, but makes sure that you pick up a Walgreens paper for each bottle that you purchase because some stores are strict. Anyhoot, there goes my saving recap.

-Happy Savings.


2 Responses to “Savings Recap 1/26”

  1. Hi! I did a search on Tumblr for the word “Couponing” and your site came up (which directed me to this site).

    I’m also new to couponing and have started blogging about it as well. I decided at the beginning of the year (after watching Extreme Couponing) that I needed to start saving and stockpiling!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi to a fellow “newbie” to couponing!


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