Are you getting the most out of your CVS card? I wasn’t. *UPDATED*







My CVS card has taken up space in my wallet for about three years now.  As far as I knew, I just needed my card to take advantage of the sales; and possibly get extra care bucks. Honestly, I treated the extra care bucks program like it was scam, and just completely avoided it. If you don’t know what an extra bucks advertisement looks like, then here is an example:

See, “It’s like getting it for free.” o_O

Either I am getting it for free or not. In addition, what are these extra care bucks? How can I use them? Will these extra care bucks expire on me tomorrow? Why would I spend $3.99 for this mouthwash when I could probably get it for cheaper somewhere else? #importantquestions. Now let’s get to some answers.

What are extra care bucks?

According to the CVS website, Extra Bucks are rewards that you earn at any CVS/ pharmacy store or online when you use your ExtraCare card.

Ok, pretty simple. Now how can I use them?

Well, these extra care bucks can be used towards ALMOST anything in the store, and no the extra care bucks will not expire on you the next day. However, you will have to wait three months before you can use the extra care bucks.

Three months. O_O

Yea, I know. This is exactly why I never really saw the point in participating in the Extra Care rewards programs. First, I am spending $3.99, in cash, just so I can get $3.99 in extra care bucks. Second, I have to wait at least three months for my extra care bucks, um…ok?.

I finally got the opportunity to try out the ECBs because CVS had an add for Colgate toothpaste where you spend $3.79 on the toothpaste and receive $3.79 back in ECBS. To answer everyone questions….yes I did receive instant ECBs, on my receipt. I was pretty excited to see that it worked for me because if it hadn’t, then I would have been upset, and out of $3.79.

The three month wait is for another set of ECBs that you can receive. See, when you spend money at CVS, you get 2% back in ECBs, and you have to wait three months to receive those ECBs. I hope this makes because it did in my head.

My whole out look on CVS rewards program was pretty negative until I saw these videos from Coupon Divas:

How to shop for free at CVS (Part 1)

How to shop for free at CVS (Part 2)

Sooo, the mouthwash is actually a good deal?

Yes, because you will receive that money back instantly and it could be applied to almost anything in the store. As a matter of fact, you can turn the mouthwash into a sweeter deal if you use a coupon to it. It will be like CVS is paying you for the mouthwash, if that makes sense.

The moral of the story is… with a little planning, a little patience, and a few coupons, you too can make the most out of your CVS care card, and their rewards program.

-Happy Savings


5 Responses to “Are you getting the most out of your CVS card? I wasn’t. *UPDATED*”

  1. Hey there,
    I was just reading your post about CVS and was wondering — are you sure your CVS makes you wait 30 days to use your ECBs? I’m always able to use mine immediately after getting them. The other day I got $4 ECBs back after I purchased $10 worth of cereal and used it with the same cashier immediately to buy some more stuff.

    You should double check that. I would never use them if I had to wait that long! 🙂

    • I will have to talk to someone at CVS because on the website it reads,

      “Every 3 months your Extra Bucks will print on your store register receipt, or visit CVS/pharmacy online to print your Extra Bucks.”

      In addition, when I went online to check my rewards balance is says that my rewards will be redeemable after April 1st. What a minute… I think I just figured it out. CVS offer you 2% of your spending back through ECBs, and you have to wait three months before you can receive those ECBs. However, when it comes to the products, that have ECBs attached to them, then you can receive those ECBs instantly. At least, I hope this is the case.

      When I checked my ECBs and saw that I had to wait, I was scared to purchase anything else because I felt like 3 months was to long to wait. Now that I know, I wish I would have gotten that mouthwash. Thank you, so much for posting your comment. I am learning something new everyday

  2. I learn something new about couponing every day too!

    By the way, I moved my blog to blogspot in case you wanted to check it out!

  3. […] If you are unsure of how the Extracare Bucks, ECB’s, work at CVS, then  check out my post about CVS’s reward program here. […]

  4. […] If you are unsure of how the Extracare Bucks, ECB’s, work at CVS, then  check out my post about CVS’s reward program here. […]

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