Why must thy Coupon Gods smite me? Pt. 1

This week was grocery-shopping week for us. The fridge and pantry were almost empty, so it was time for us to do that heavy-duty, restock everything type shopping. ::shakes head and sighs:: If you would have talked to me early, I would have told you how excited I was about shopping, and I how spent this entire week preparing my list, clipping my coupons, and reviewing my sales ad.

Oh yes people, I thought I had my ‘ish together. I had envelopes with the stores name on them, and inside the envelopes I would have the coupons I needed and the grocery list for that store. Here is an example of the grocery list that I used from Couponmom.com:

Not my actual grocery list, but you get the idea.

My first trip was to a Super Target. I walked in, grabbed my shopping cart, and proceeded towards the grocery section of the Target. As soon as I got there, I suddenly realized that I had only shopped in this grocery section once, and I had absolutely no clue where anything was or where to start. I quickly remembered that I wanted to grab a few things that I saw in the Winn Dixie ad because Target does price matching. I started my journey down the main aisle and I head towards the barbeque sauce. I picked up two because the ad stated that their barbecue sauces were two for $1. Then, I grabbed my cheese, and I made my way to the frozen foods section.

Once I turned down the frozen foods aisle, I saw this fellow extreme couponer. How did I know she was an extreme couponer? Well, in her cart, she had multiples of the same product, and a thick binder full of coupons. I felt like a real novice standing next to her. Anyhoot, I grabbed my veggies and headed back down the aisle to get some pasta that was also in the ad paper. I find my pasta, grabbed two boxes, and then I proceeded towards the lotion; which was the last thing on my list.  Remind you I never really shopped in the grocery section of this Target before, so a one minute trip to get the lotion actually turned into a five-minute trip, but hey I did find the lotion.

Since I never participated price matching before, I decided to take my few items to the customer service booth. Lucky for me the customer service booth was fairly empty. This gave me the opportunity to talk to the cashier and not feel rushed. I pulled out the ad paper and showed her the things I planned to buy. She looks and tells me that Target does not price match Buy one get one free items. She points to the grapes Winn Dixie had for sale, and says “We price match single item sales like this.” After she explained the policy to me, I nodded my head,  and told her that I no longer wanted the pasta or barbecue sauce. When I left out of target I had 4 bags of frozen veggies, cheese and some lotion.

Once I got into my car, I decided to look at my receipt to see how I did. I first I had this big smile on my face, until I realized that I spent too much money on my frozen veggies. I was supposed to only spend $.67 for three bags of veggies, and instead I spent $4 on four bags of frozen veggies. Yes, people I made the biggest mistake and forgot a coupon, not only did I forget the coupon, but I failed to do the math from my grocery list so I could catch it ahead of time. I left Target thinking, “well at least I received a good deal on the cheese and lotion.” Stay tuned for part 2….


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