Why must thy Coupon Gods smite me? Pt. 2

The conclusion. If you did not read the first article, then check it out here

I back out of my parking space and head towards Wal-Mart. I get to Wal-mart and the parking lot looks a little crowded. I felt like I could handle the crowd, so I continued to make my way into the Wal-Mart. Once I got into the store, I decided that my first destination would be the beauty section. I wanted to grab some toothpaste and deodorant. Both items were on the rollback list, and I had a coupon for  both of them, so I was only going to come out spending a dollar for both. I get to the Beauty and Health section, and it is crowded. It seemed like everyone decided that they needed deodorant and toothpaste at that exact moment.

Seeing the chaos, I decided to park my cart outside the aisle, and maneuver my way down the aisle. I get to the deodorant first, and I could not find type I was looking for. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was too focused on not colliding with someone, and not that focused on actually searching for the deodorant, but I digress. I switch my focus from the deodorant to the toothpaste, so  I turn body to get the toothpaste that is 4ft away from me. Now, do I make it to the toothpaste that is 4ft away from me? No because the carts were so jammed up that I could not maneuver my way to the freakin’ toothpaste.  I promise you this one lady stayed in front of the toothpaste just so she could bother me. She pulled her cart from the side of the aisle to the middle, like she was going to move; but, instead of her moving, she walks a little and then stops to glance back through the toothpaste. O_O After evaluating the situation a little more, I finally decide to give up.

After that debacle in the beauty and health section, I march my way to the cold juice aisle because I had a coupon for some Welch’s juice, and with the rollback the price for that juice would have been $.54, or something like that. I get to the juice, and guess what? Instead of the juice being a dollar and some change, it was two dollars and some change. NEGATIVE.

At this point, I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Everything should have been perfect because I had my list, coupons, and envelope. Why Coupon Gods….Why? I head to the pasta aisle, so I can see what kind of deals they had on the pasta. To my surprise they were selling the pasta I wanted for a $1.08. I was happy because I had two coupons for that brand of pasta. One coupon was for the pasta in the purple box, and the other coupon was for the pasta in the green box. Well, Wal-mart had the pasta in the purple box, but they did not have the pasta in the green box. From some reason I think that lady from target beat me to the punch, but I digress. I pick up my two purple boxes of pasta and head towards the register.

As I make my way to the register, I see this big display of Digorino pizza. It was on sale for $3.98. Normally, this pizza is around $4.60 at Wal-Mart, and at Publix the best you can do is $5; so I grab two. I figured since I had already spent so much time in Wal- Mart, I might as well get something out of it. I make my little purchase and head home in defeat. As I got closer to my residence, I made the quick decision to go to the neighborhood Wal-mart. Normally, I bypass this particular store because their pricing seems to be a little higher than the Super Wal-Mart.

I get to the neighborhood Wal-Mart and see that there are not that many cars parked in the parking lot. I park my car and walk into the Wal-mart with ease. There was no big crowd, just groceries. My first destination was towards the cold juice aisle. I got there to only find out that the price, of the Welchs, was the same as the other Wal-Mart. No big problem, this much was expected, so I continued my journey from the cold juice aisle to the pasta aisle. Once I got there, I grabbed two bottles of salad dressing because it was on sale and I had a coupon. Next I grabbed (dramatic pause)…. my green box of pasta. Yes, they had it, and I was about to buy it for $.08. I was so happy that I started to strut towards the health and beauty aisle, so I could pick up the deodorant I was looking for. I strutted from the pasta section all the way to the health and beauty section, and grabbed the deodorant I was looking for, and then strutted to the register. I was so happy and and I had every right to be because I came out of that Wal-mart only spending $3.59. The deodorant alone normally, cost $2.58, so yes I think I did pretty good.That last Wal-mart trip was the confidence I needed to continue because, before that trip, I was on the verge of making a bonfire out of my coupons.

This coupon trip taught me a very valuable listen, which is (more dramatic pause)…..Go grocery shopping early in the morning. Particularly, if your going to Wal-Mart. That ends my story of coupon glory and defeat.


-Happy Savings

Sidenote: The Coupon Gods continue to mock me because as I was typing this post, my boyfriend handed me a coupon from Pinnacle foods group and in it was a $.25 off coupon for the same veggies had just bought from Target. o_O



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