Savings Recap 2/9

This week I will say that I had a so-so week of couponing. I did find some great savings, however, the purchase of produce at Wal-mart hurt my overall savings percentage in the end.

Store Orig. Cost Amount Paid Savings % Saved
Publix $34.04 $14.74 $19.30 57%
Target $11.15 $6.74 $4.41 40%
Walgreen $16.15 $7.56 $8.59 53%
Wal-Mart $7.42 $3.42 $4.00 54%
Wal-Mart $36.16 $34.81 $1.35 4%
Total $104.92 $67.27 $37.65 36%

Yesterday, I decided to compare this weeks receipts to my pre-couponing receipts in January. The goal was to get a general idea of the progress, or lack there of, I was making.  The early January receipts showed that I spent an estimated $220 on groceries. This weeks receipts show that I spent an estimated $67 dollar on groceries. Now to be fair, I still need to make a trip to the meat market, so these numbers are on a to be continued basis; however, my numbers should still be pretty low because I do not plan on buying $157 worth of meat. Heck, I do not plan on buying over $40 worth of meat, so yea my numbers should still look good.

Anyhoot, I feel pretty confident about couponing and I am glad to see the little progress that I did make. Now, it is time for me to rest.

-Happy Savings

P.S. The deal of the week came from Wal-mart. They had Rozini pasta on rollback for $1.08 and with the use of my coupon I got a 12oz box of pasta for $.08. This was one of those times where I wish I had multiple coupons. #lessonlearned From now on I will try to keep everyone updated  on  the huge deals that I find in my area. Most likely I will post these deals on my tumblr and twitter, so follow either one or both.


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