The Frugal Files is the journey of an extreme couponer in training. What is an extreme couponer? Well, I am pretty sure there is a dictionary definition of the term out there; however, extreme couponing to me is “the art of collecting, organizing, and redeeming coupons in a manner that will save you tons of money on your final bill.” Fancy huh?

After watching one episode of TLC’s extreme couponing, I decided that I was crazy for paying full retail price for my groceries, yes even at Walmart. In my opinion, my shopping priorities were off-balance because I would take the time to find sales and comparison shop for my clothes; however, that same effort was not put towards saving on my grocery bill. It made no sense because I buy groceries WAAAYYY more than I buy clothes, so I decided to put a little extra time towards cutting down my grocery bill. I hope the things I learn along the way will help you towards saving money on your groceries.

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